CARGO TAXI - 166 Freight Transportation & Logistics


Transportation of cargo

Transportation of your loads without packaging and in a manner that the half of your load goes out of the window of the vehicle is like to throw it.

We offer you our cargo transportation service on favorable terms without causing damage to your belongings and budget.

You can also use our disassembly, packaging and installation services on your request.

166 Cargo transportation service not only carries out transportation of house and office items, musical instruments, sensitive items but also supplies transportation of food and construction materials.

We are at your service 24/7 to deliver your cargo to any destination in the country and around the world!

Moving houses

Moving to a new house is uneasy and also a bit stressful.

Packaging the items, transporting to a new house and installation not only takes your time but also carrying heavy loads can endanger your health.

However, your furniture and other sensitive items if not properly packaged, will be damaged.

In short, you want to save money but you are faced more losses.

Of course, it's also dangerous to trust your belongings to everyone.

But as you are witnessing our work process, you will be sure that you have delivered your belongings completely to the safe hands.

Our employees pack your things and carry out the unloading, disassembly of your items at the point of transportation.

Please note that all items you have packed are insured.

Moving houses is carried out 24/7 throughout the country.

Moving offices

Unlike moving houses, moving to a new office is a much more mixed and responsible process.

Moving different furniture and equipment from each department and moving belongings of each employee without mixing them become difficult.

Moreover, a considerable effort should be made for the safe movement of expensive office equipment.

And most importantly, all of these should be done without disruptions.

The sole solution for all these issues can be 166 Office moving service.

With our rapid moving, our workers pack items safely as per their type and load them to the load taxis.

At the point of transportation, the cargo is unloaded, our masters install furniture and equipment, and your other items are placed at the office properly.

You can carry the transportation process every day of the week at any time, which will prevent the delay in your work.

Please note that your cargo is insured against any situation that may occur.

Transportation of pets

In contrast to things, oxygen is more important for animals.

If the selected box does not match the size of the animal to be moved, there will occur a problem of ventilation along with the physical injury of the animal.

As pet lovers, our Pets Carrying Service operates for the safe delivery of our beloved friends.

Transportation is carried out to all regions.

Transportation of food products

Sanitary rules must be followed when carrying food products.

Otherwise, foods will spoil quickly and, most importantly, become a source of health hazard.

Another point is related to the damage of fruits and vegetables.

Damaged fruits and vegetables often spoil quickly, and this causes more damage to the entrepreneur.

Of course, proper ventilation, temperatures, and timely delivery are also important.

166 Foodstuffs Transportation is at your service with temperature adjusted special vehicles with bodywork supplied for transportation of foods.

We carry out safe transportation to the right address within a reasonable time.