CARGO TRANSPORTATİON - 166 Freight Transportation & Logistics


If you have a load, there is also a way to go.

Small cargo tansportation

Freight for the price of a taxi service

Starting from 6 manats you can easily transport your cargo weighing up to 500 kg.
This service is valid only in the city of Baku and Sumgayit, as well as on the Absheron Peninsula.
To order this service, call 166.


Ordering a lightweight form of transportation,

you can transport the following or other types of cargo.


Food transportation


Transportation of building materials


A large number of goods from purchases

ev heyvan

Pet Transportation


Transportation of documents and office items


Transportation of equipment for events


Domestic cargo transportation

Would you like to carry construction material for construction of new buildings in the regions or the products you have manufactured from your region to the capital?

Make sure that you have applied to the right address!

As a Cargo Transportation and Logistics Company, we carry any of your cargo from the smallest size up to 35 tonnes to all regions of the country.

Do not worry about that your materials can be damaged, your belongings are broken, and your food products are spoiled, regardless of distance, weather condition, or difficulty in getting to the delivery points.

Because our employees who are responsible for their work will be with you during the whole processes including the selection of a car suitable for your cargo, transportation, unloading works.

Along with it, you can rent cars you need in the industrial and agricultural sectors.

With our professional drivers, your cargo will be delivered to the address on time and securely!

International cargo transportation

The increase of the cargo volume and distance of transportation causes much worry.

Do not spend time and energy thinking about how the company that carries out cargo transportation will comply with safety regulations, cargo transportation, and other important processes, and whether they will provide a car suitable for the size and type of the load or not.

Because, 166 Cargo transportation and Logistics company carrying out cargo transportation are at your service in Turkey, Iran, Russia, Georgia and many countries of the world!

Our large car parks have up to 35 tonnes load-carrying trailers.

Here you can order refrigerated trailers not only for transportation of your loads and sensitive items but also for transportation of foodstuffs.

You can control your loads transported following the international standards and guidelines via GPS control system.

One of the most important points is the insurance of your cargos against any situations that may occur.