Do you bring cleaning supplies yourself?

Yes, we have all the necessary cleaning equipment.

What cleaning products do you use?

Anti-allergic remedies from Germany are used in cleaning.

Are ladies coming for cleaning?

Yes, all our cleaning staff are ladies.

How many people come when ordering cleaning?

In cleaning orders, we send you a group that has 3-5 staff.

How many people will be sent in the 4-hour package?

One person is sent to the 4 hourly cleaning service.

Who provides the employees' lunches when ordering a cleaning?

Lunch is provided by the company when ordering.

Are your employees' transportation costs included in the service when ordering cleaning?

Our employees come to the ordering point with the company's service vehicle and you do not need to pay extra for it.

Is there a break?

Yes from 13:00 to 14:00 at lunchtime.

How long is the cleaning service? Do the employee work more than working hours?

No, our co-workers will end at 7 pm.

If the service on the 4-hour package is not completed, will it continue tomorrow?

No, hourly cleaning packages are calculated based on the hours worked.

Are your detergents for sale?

No, we just provide the service. There is no sale of cleaning products.

Is furniture cleaned in place or taken away during dry cleaning?

During dry cleaning, soft furniture (sofas, chairs, chairs) is washed away. And the curtains and blinds are dismantled and brought back after washing.

Is there any additional fee for dismantling, hanging, and servicing while cleaning the curtain?

No, everything is covered and plastic hooks are provided by us for changing.

Do you work every day of the week?

Yes, we work.

What is the standard size of window cleaning?

2-2.3 sq. meters is considered as a standard size.

Is the discount applied to loyal customers?

Yes, you can find out more about it from our cleaning managers.

Are orders accepted from regions?

Yes, it's accepted.

Do you have a wool bedding cleaning service?

No, Unfortunately, we don't have.

At what height can the basket be lifted during basket cleaning?

We can clean up to 65 meters depending on the proximity of the crane to which the basket is closed.

Are there billboards and hoarding cleaning service?

Yes, there are.

How many craftsmen are sent to orders?

One person is sent for standard furniture. The 2nd master is sent if needed.

Are central heating system repaired in place?

Depending on the specification of the repair, we can repair it both on the spot and in our office.

Will there be an additional charge when reviewing your order?

Yes, the customer has to pay for the travel expenses.

Is there master service in the regions?

Yes, our master service accepts orders from anywhere in the country.

Is there a discount to loyal customers?

Yes, We have. You can learn more about it from your managers.

What are your working hours?

We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.

How are central heating system problems identified?

The central heating system problems are identified at the on-site inspection and the customer is informed about the problemş

Are the parts changed during repairs included in the service?

No, it is not. These parts should be provided by the customer.

If service is not completed, will the service be continued to the next day?

Yes, the work is done the next day at no extra charge.

How is the payment made for uncompleted work done?

In the case of unfinished work, the first day of work done should be paid for.

Are the repair tools provided by you?

Yes, the repair equipment (except for the replacement parts) is provided by us.

What is the service charge if the central heating system is dismantled and brought to the office?

No, it is included in the service.

A basket is needed to dismantle the air conditioner from high ground. Is there any extra charge during this time?

Yes, the basket service has to be paid additionally.

Is the gas inside the air conditioner stored during the cooling of the air conditioner?

Yes, it is stored and no additional fee is charged. However, at the customer's request during installation, the fee is charged for additional gas injection into the air conditioner.

Who is responsible for equipment damage caused by the customer during the order?

This damage must be compensated by the client.

Who pays for the additional copper tube required for installation during air conditioning installation?

An additional copper tube that is not exist during disassembly and required during installation is purchased by the customer.

Is there cargo furniture installation?

Yes, we have a furniture installation service.

Do you have locksmiths, house repair services from zero?

No, only certain parts are repaired.

Do you have door locks replacing service?

Yes, the locks are changed for open doors, but we do not have a closed door opening service.

Is there service of TV channel searching during satellite antenna installation?

No, we have an antenna disassembly and installation service, but not configuration of channels.

Is there plumber?

No, there is no repair of sanitary facilities.

Is unpackaged furniture guaranteed during transportation?

No, transportation is not guaranteed for unpackaged furniture.

How much is the charge for light freight?

By Doblo cars, up to 5km within the city transport costs 6 AZN.

What are your working hours for transportation service?

We work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.

During transportation service, is the 3rd address considered as an additional service?

Yes, the 3rd address is accounted as an additional service. (As a travel price)

Does the absence of an elevator in the building change the price?

Yes, whether there is a lift in the building and the floor where the luggage is located will affect the price

Is cradle included in bed set transportation?

No, the cradle is not included in the price since it was later purchased.

On what factors does the prices are calculated?

Price varies by distance, amount of freight, additional services and the nature of the services.

How many people can sit next to the driver during transportation?

There are 2 people in big vehicles and 1 seat in Doblo cars. (If there is no manpower, the customer can also go to nearby regions to load)

Who will pay the driver and manpower’s accommodation costs in orders from regions?

These types of expenses are covered by the company.

Do you have a vehicle for garbage?

Yes, We have. Garbage should be in sacks when ordering. Garbages are disposed off in special places allocated by the government.

Do you have liftgate vehicles?

Yes, we have.

Do you have a Rockler?

Yes, we have.

What is the size of the Doblo cars?


Are heavy restaurant equipment carried?

Yes, it is possible to carry 3 tons, 5 tons and 16 tons or more.

Do you carry heavy loads through the windows?

Yes it is possible with cranes.

Do you have a machine for special services?

Yes, we have a vehicle for funeral.

Is there small animal transport?

Yes, We have.

Can be stored food in refrigeratorated vehicles?

No, these machines are just for transportation.

Is there transportation to Georgia?

Yes, We have. Documents required for transportation are paid by the Silk Road customer, Absheron Logistics Terminal, Icheri Sheher, Sadarak, International Bus Station, Air Cargo Terminal.

How many workers are dispatched to order?

At least 2 people can be sent to order, and one person can be sent to light freight.

How many workers are deployed during Piano transportation?

There should be 4 people.

Is there royal piano transportation?

Yes, your piano is fully transported with a full warranty

Can transportation be carried out when the loads are large?

Loads are transported in such a way that they do not pose a risk to outside vehicles and do not violate traffic regulations.

Is there transportation to Nakhchivan?

Yes, we have.

How is the cost of transporting wood calculated?

In this case, the amount is calculated in cubic meters of cargo.

How is refrigerator transported?

Refrigerators are transported vertically. But depending on customer's request can be transported horizantally. In other industrial refrigerators, the truck is set according to weight.

Is there safe transportation?

Yes, We have. The safes should be simply empty.

What is the charge for the transport of clothes?

The number of boxes in which the clothes are collected is calculated.

Is it possible to transport furniture in tented trucks?

The furniture cannot be closed because the edges of the truck are not strong. For this reason, transportation is not possible.

Are the regular prices equal to the in transit prices?

No, transit fares are cheaper.

Are boxes prepared to fit to loads?

Yes, any size of wooden boxes are made during international transportation.

Is there a service for packing and transporting documents?

Yes, We have.

Does freight service operate all over the country?

We operate in any part of the country, except for Nakhchivan AR and our occupied lands.

How many minutes does it take to arrive at the service point?

We are at the place of order for 15 minutes on the Abseron Peninsula and 30-40 minutes in the country.

Is there any crane or manipulator services?

Yes, but it is constantly operating on the Absheron peninsula. At the order, it is directed to the regions, as with other heavy-duty vehicles.

When moving from point A to point B during the evacuation process is an additional service, is it considered as an additional service?

Yes, it is listed as an additional service.

Are there any charges for loading and unloading of goods during transportation?

It takes 30 minutes to load and 30 minutes to unload. The payment is then made at 10 AZN per hour.

How can I use Unibank bonus?

Simply tell the code to the 166 hotline operator and benefit from the discount.

Is there a “Ulduzum” Discount for Bakcell Subscribers?

Yes, you get a 10% discount on your "Ulduzum" code when ordering.

Is there online payment ?

Full payment is made by any card. Installment is possible only with Birkart and Bolkart.

How much does stacking in boxes service costs?

Small boxes cost 2 manats, medium boxes cost 3 manats and large boxes cost 6 manats.

Can food be stored in a warehouse?

No, the warehouse does not store any perishable substances, medicines and food.

Are there shipping containers?

Yes, We have.

Is there a special offer for regular customers during the evacuation service?

Yes, We have. You can check with our hotline staff when ordering.

What is the minimum fee for a single territory?

Price starts from 15 AZN for sedan cars.

What is the fee charged?

In Baku, the zones are calculated according to the zones, and in the regions, the km is calculated. Please note that the fee for the first 100 km will be 0.70 AZN per km.

What is the charge for an additional workforce during transportation?

Yes, calculated and must have at least 2 workforces.

If the evacuation machine is canceled after the order arrives, what is the charge?

If the order is canceled after the order arrives, the customer must pay the driver's fuel costs.

What are your working hours for evacuation services?

We offer 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays.

Is the price the same as the hours of service?

Yes, it is calculated based on the same rate.

How many people can go to the driver's side when ordering?

Two passengers can sit next to the driver in the evacuation machine.

Is it allowed to get on an evacuated car?

No, We don't have. This violates traffic rules.

Is there transportation to Georgia?

Yes, We have. The vehicle must be in the order of documentation. Bordercrossing costs are covered by the company. Other costs are attributed to the customer. When crossing the border, the owner of the vehicle must be near the vehicle.