Paketləmə xidməti

166 Usta Xidməti olaraq, yüklərinizin daha təhlükəsiz daşınma üçün paketlənmə xidmətini təklif edirik.

We are responsible for baggages packed by us.


The danger is neither great nor small. We offer packing services to minimize the risk of shipping loads. We are responsible for the slightest scratches that occur when shipping any packaged goods.


Packaging Types:

  • With stretch
  • With polyethylene
  • With polyethylene cardboard
  • Polyethylene cardboard with stretch
  • Loaded with polyethylene, with a wooden hinge on the inner penoplast


Our services:

  • Single and general packaging of all types of avangard furniture
  • Glassware, Chandelier, Souvenir, TV, Refrigerator, Washing, Packaging Glass Doors
  • Packing bushes of all sizes, simple and custom, to be packed in wooden doors and sent to foreign countries
  • Packaging of works of art, boards, technical products and many other things

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