Bizimlə yolda qalmayacaqsınız!

The car you buy to make things easier and save you time can sometimes put you on the road during technical failures and other adverse events.

In such unavoidable situations, the 166 Evacuation Service will be the best and most effective way to solve these problems.

In addition to our cars, our evacuators carry heavy-duty trucks and vehicles.

Our 24/7 evacuators in most parts of the country will always be there for you, no matter where you are.

Also, our evacuators are located in different locations within the city to be with you as soon as possible.

You will not stay in road with us!


The service includes:

  • Transportation of vehicles;
  • Transportation of containers;
  • Long-term parking.

 Why 166 Evacuation?

  • 24/7 operational service all over the country;
  • Lowest rates;
  • Corporate Guarantee for evacuated Cars;
  • Quality control system.


Fast service

Evacuation to all regions

Evacuation of all types of cars

24/7 service

Transportation of large cargoes

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