WAREHOUSE - 166 Freight Transportation & Logistics


Your items are as safe as at your home!

There are warehouses for storing cargo in various sizes in Baku and Ganja cities.

Our warehouses and depots are equipped with a special ventilation system for storage of any type of loads, as well as furniture and other items.

Your items here are grouped and packed according to their type and size.

Necessary technical adjustments are made by registering in order to avoid any disturbance during the shipment.

Most importantly, all of your belongings are insured against situations that may occur.

Our other advantage is providing 24/7 personal access, so you can check your loads at any time and be sure of their security.

In short, your belongings are as safe as they were with you!

It should be noted that long-term cooperation is possible for corporate clients at affordable prices.

Warehouse services include:

  • Packaging and storage of goods;
  • Stickering, banding, shrinkage and etc;
  • Receiving goods with Barcode, Lotkod, Batch code via WMS system;
  • Movement of goods in accordance with FIFO, FEFO, LIFO, LEFO parameters;
  • Small warehouse areas provided with 24 hours individual access;
  • Storage in small containers (2-6 m2);
  • Cargo insurance.