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Carpet Cleaning

3,5 AZN Carpet Cleaning Service from 2,5 AZN

In our house, carpets are mostly contaminated.

The carpet used in one season does not have a previous condition.

Cleaning it requires a lot of energy.

Already difficult work in unsuitable conditions - in a small area, in cold weather, because of time limitations becomes more difficult.

There is no need to wait for summer to wash your dirty carpets.

166 Cleaning is at your service for carpet cleaning at any time without depending on the season.

Our professional staff uses special detergents and equipment to restore the carpet's previous cleanness and bright color.

The carpets are taken from your house and delivered back to you after being washed and dried.

At your request, your carpets can be washed in your house.

166 Carpet Cleaning Service: Serves all over Azərbaijan.