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To pay from our site:

It is now very easy to pay for our services. To make a payment, just follow the steps below:

-    Enter the amount you want to pay.
-    Enter your phone number.
-    Enter your email address.
-    Enter the name of the service you want to pay for or your order number.
-    Select the type of your card. If your card is "Bolkart", you can also use the installment option.
-    Click the “Pay” button and enter your card information on the page opened.

Payment for our services through payment terminals:

-    When ordering, you inform the operator about the payment through terminals,
-    The payment code is provided to you by the operator,
-    You make a payment at any payment terminal by entering the payment code provided in the PulPal section.

Payment via PulPal link:

-    When ordering, you inform the operator about online payment,
-    The PulPal payment link is provided to you as an sms,
-    By entering the link, you can pay online with any bank card or PulPal account balance.

Payment by POS Terminal:

-    When ordering, you inform the operator that the payment will be made through the POS Terminal
-    Our employees approach the order address with POS Terminal
-    You pay with any bank card.

Contact us for more information:

166 "Hotline"