166 Cargo is a cargo company that cooperates with suppliers to help buyers get their orders from foreign countries faster. Cheap cargo services are provided for you with reliable and more profitable terms.

Cargo service from Turkey to Azerbaijan

Starting from 2020, the company facilitates the shopping process by carrying out international air transportation on the basis of a license obtained in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Azerbaijan. 166 Cargo currently delivers orders from Turkey 4 times a week, and orders from America once a week. All this is done at a low price, prompt service is provided to satisfy the customers.

Our cargo service is in the regions

Our cargo services operate not only in Baku, but also in our regions. Currently, on-site service is provided in Ganja, Sheki, Balakan, Lankaran, Barda and Sumgayit branches, and thanks to Azerpocht, deliveries are made to all regions of Azerbaijan.

Cheap cargo service

Low prices are always thought of as low quality, but 166 has put these thoughts behind it with cheap cargo service. With both reasonable price and excellent service quality. Customers don't have to worry about product delays or any issues. Buda is the result of our responsible and purposeful activity


Cargo prices: Economical and fast cargo

166 Cargo provides international and domestic cargo services. Products ordered from Turkey and America are brought to the country very easily and reliably and delivered to the home. Our affordable cargo services also operate in the regions. Ordered products are delivered to addresses in a fast form. Recently, due to the increase in the sale of online products from foreign countries, the importance of cargo services has also increased. Cargo prices may vary depending on product weight and distance. Products are delivered at a reasonable price. When using the cheap cargo service, you should take into account some nuances: the user data must be correctly entered, the address must be specified accurately and the appropriate payment must be made. Since the price of the cheap cargo services is determined according to the weight of the products, it becomes accurate after the product selection. You can take advantage of 166 low-cost cargo services.