Although there are many "masters" around you, it is difficult to find a master whose work you will be satisfied with. Repair work is a long and responsible process. In many cases, customers face unpleasant situations, either the expected work is not done or the quality is very low. Sometimes cases of abuse of people's ignorance have been observed

Reliable handyman service

166 Master service offers you a service that you can fully trust. Our employees consist of experienced, honest and honest people, they are neat in their work and deliver the work they undertake on time. The company provides you against any unpleasant events.

Our master service includes:

  • Plumbing service
  • Electric service
  • Furniture repair and installation
  • Dismantling of centralized air systems
  • Dismantling outdoor billboards and LED monitors
  • Other troubleshooting

Master service prices

The prices offered in exchange for handyman service are very reasonable. The amount of work to be done here and the time our masters will work are important. The average price is determined depending on the weight and time of the work. You can be told a more clear and accurate price by simply recording the information and time of the work done. You apply, our masters inspect and inform you.

To apply to our master service

By applying to 166 Master service, you can eliminate both professional master and repair work with one call. Do not doubt that you will be satisfied after using the work of our professional masters in various fields, as in all our services.

To order the master service, you can call 166 or use the sections "Place an order", "Call back" and "Ask us" online.

Contact number: 0502749606


Professional staff

Fast service

Budget packages

Master service of various kinds

Modern equipment

Customer reviews

Handyman Service for Repairs and Restorations

166 Master Service offers high-quality service for all types of repair and restoration works with its professional, experienced staff. We also provide repair and restoration services for each of our services mentioned above. If you just need repair and restoration, you can apply for it separately, in which case the repair and restoration prices will be cheaper than the new service. Our masters, who do quick and agile work, will be very convenient for you, they solve every problem in a short time. If you are also looking for a handyman to fix the malfunctions in your home, office or facility, you can take advantage of our handyman service by calling the short number 166