Don't let pests disturb your relaxation at home, office, garden, yard. For this, it is very important that you maintain cleanliness and ensure it at a high level.

What is sanitation?

It is not correct to talk about this service without understanding the word sanitation. The meaning of the word sanitation is "art about health". That is, it is an art form that ensures your health. Sanitation service is a type of service that ensures the protection of hygienic cleanliness of people and making the environment suitable for their living. This includes many services, such as cleaning the surrounding garbage, creating sanitary facilities and disarming poisonous insects in various ways.

Sanitary services

It is performed by professional employees of "166 Sanitary Service". Our sanitary services include seasonal and constantly required sanitary-hygienic services and consist of:

  • Disinfection
  • Disinsection
  • Deratization
  • Gardening service
  • Fumigation
  • Spraying against snakes

Sanitary - epidemiological rules

These rules are designed for each area. All areas in the country, from the service area to the food area, must be in accordance with certain sanitary and epidemiological rules. It is also very important to ensure this in cleaning services and environmental protection.

166 Sanitary service offers you various services based on sanitary-epidemiological rules. To use my sanitary service, you can call 166 or use the sections "Place an order", "Call back" and "Ask us" online.


Sanitary norms

166 The sanitary service works according to standards. The sanitary-hygienic condition of the population should be carried out on the basis of established norms. If cleaning is not carried out based on these norms, various diseases can occur. Epidemiological diseases can occur if sanitary-hygienic conditions are not controlled. Therefore, it is very important to observe and ensure the prescribed sanitary-epidemiological norms and rules. It should be noted that we offer you services in full accordance with the rules and norms. You can ensure that your family and children grow up in a hygienically clean and healthy environment. For this, you can use the above-mentioned types of services and place an order by contacting us.