The disinfection process involves the destruction of viruses and bacteria that can be a source of disease.

166 As a disinfection service, we carry out thorough disinfection of the space at the time of ordering.

During the disinfection process, your space is treated with antiviral, antimicrobial and antibacterial agents by our professional disinfectants and handed over to you with fragrance.

Please note that our company issues a certificate during disinfection.

Order: 166

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Disinfection Service

Disinfection is the process of reducing or destroying microorganisms with disease-causing properties on inanimate surfaces, such as bacteria, viruses (such as coronaviruses), and parasites, using chemicals. Many viruses and bacteria can find a place to live in the environments where we spend most of our time during the day, such as home, office or school. The risk is even higher in places where the number of people and activity is high, especially in offices, schools, factories. For this reason, in addition to routine cleaning, disinfection should be carried out at certain intervals in all residential areas. It is known that in risk areas, if disinfection works are not carried out frequently or correctly, microorganisms resistant to disinfectants and solutions may appear. The disinfection process against viruses, bacteria and many other microorganisms is effective when the type of disinfectants and the disinfection method are applied correctly. There are several important factors that determine the effectiveness of the disinfection service. These are the type of microorganism, compatibility of the environment, disinfectant solutions and their types, as well as the type of surface. Each surface, microorganism and environment has its own effective disinfectant. Before accepting a disinfection service, it is important to explain all these factors in detail to those who will perform the service in terms of the selection of disinfectants and disinfectant material and, accordingly, the success of the disinfection.