As a 166 Freight and Logistics company, we are one of the leading companies with international logistics and freight forwarding services, which we have been providing with great effort and dedication for more than 10 years. With our large fleet and professional staff, we offer our customers safe, timely and cheapest freight transportation services. The company "166 cargo transportation and logistics", which started its activity in 2012 with a small number of trucks, is currently one of the leading companies in the field of cargo transportation and logistics in the country. Cargo transportation is not limited only to domestic borders, but is also carried out in the international arena.

Cargo transportation service

166 Cargo transportation company carries out transportation of any type of cargo from one point to several points. Cargo transportation service is divided into several groups depending on the volume of cargo. These include: light freight, domestic freight and international freight services. There is also a truck taxi service that serves within the same region. As the cheapest freight transportation service, we serve you 24/7. You can trust us with your cargo.

166 Cargo and Logistics company provides cargo transportation services, you can get acquainted with detailed information.

International shipping

We have made it our priority to provide fast and affordable transportation to several points of the world, to keep the transportation process under control from the beginning to the end by our employees, to promptly inform our customers, and to pay special attention to safety principles in transportation. Including the application of the latest technological innovations and the required international standards in every field of our work will allow us to properly respond to your requests. We hope you will be satisfied with the cooperation that brings the long distances closer to us and you.

Our services include:

Railway cargo transportation

  • Air freight
  • Sea freight
  • Car cargo transportation
  • Domestic freight

With more than 1,200 vehicles, we provide insured transportation of loads from 500 kg to 26 tons with various purpose vehicles (refrigerator, tow truck, dumper, awning). As for the length, starting from our Fiat Doblo vehicles with a minimum length of 2 meters up to 13.6 meters in length, we also offer options for the length of the load with our trailers. Of course, we are at your service 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

We have a professional laborer service for loading your products, a packaging service in several types (cardboard, polyethylene, foam plastic, laminate) for protection from hazards, and a warehouse service under continuous control for storage.

We provide services not only in the capital and cities, but at any address in Azerbaijan.

Light freight

Our light cargo transportation service is mainly intended for the transportation of small and necessary items. Special vehicles are available for this purpose. You can take advantage of our easy and affordable service to transport the cargo you consider light.

  In the event of an accident, our tow truck service will not leave you on the road.

Cargo taxi

Cargo taxi service is mostly used when transporting light and small loads. When moving houses, if there are no heavy loads, the truck taxi service will be very convenient for you. Instead of larger vehicles, you can book cargo taxis at a cheaper price.

Carpet cleaning service only 3 Azn!

To order the cargo transportation service, you can call 166 or use the sections "Place an order", "Call back" and "Ask us" online.



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Cheap shipping service

"Yuktaksisi.az LLC" trucking service carries out the transportation of any type of cargo from one point to several points by means of a truck taxi. Cheap cargo transportation service is divided into several groups depending on the volume of cargo. These are: Light cargo transportation, domestic cargo transportation and international cargo transportation service. In addition, there is also a Freight taxi service that provides service within the same region. The international freight service provides you with the services of bringing products from other countries or delivering orders. You can entrust your cargo to us both reliably and at an affordable price. Our international cargo transportation service is offered at different prices according to the used transportation service or type of transport. We provide a service that you can feel confident in, with special observance of international cargo transportation laws. In addition to international cargo transportation, our domestic cargo transportation service also operates. In order to order domestic cargo transportation service, you can call 166 phone number or use the sections "Place an order", "Call back" and "Ask us" online.