Carpet cleaning service only 3 AZN!

166 You can entrust your carpets to our professional team by taking advantage of our carpet cleaning service. Our carpet cleaning service is available year-round, regardless of the season, with state-of-the-art equipment, quality washers and a professional team. If you want to have clean carpets, you can easily contact us. Your carpets are cleaned with special ingredients and give a pleasant aroma. You can create a beautiful aura in your home with pure carpet.

You can use the Carriage service for clean and safe delivery of your carpets.

Our carpet cleaning services:

  • Handwoven flush and washing of silk carpets
  • Washing office carpets
  • Washing woolen and silk Nepalese carpets
  • Washing woolen and silk rugs
  • Washing natural fiber carpets

When ordering carpet cleaning:

  • Your carpets are delivered from your home by our employees.
  • Your carpets, delivered to our special centers for carpet cleaning, are first cleaned of dust and dirt in a whipping machine.
  • Afterwards, all layers of your carpet are cleaned with modern carpet washing equipment and rinsed with plenty of water. After cleaning, the carpets are ventilated to dry in drying rooms.
  • After the drying of the carpets is complete, your carpets are perfumed and made into pure carpets.

Packaged rugs are delivered directly to your home with our home delivery service. Carpets are delivered to the address within 3-4 working days.

Our delivery service includes:

  • Antibacterial wash
  • Flavoring and packaging
  • Free shipping

In the event of an accident, the tow truck service will come to your aid.

166 As a carpet cleaner, we deliver carpets using the barcode system. In addition, carpets are picked up and delivered to the address free of charge. We also provide services in Absheron Peninsula, Sumgait, Baku and Khirdalan.

Call us now to have your carpets washed at any time, regardless of the season. 166 Carpet Washing!

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Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpets are one of the most soiled items in our home due to constant use. In order to restore the cleanliness and color vibrancy of your carpets, it is better to entrust this work to professionals. 166 cheapest carpet cleaning services serve you all year round, regardless of the season. You can trust us with the ideal cleaning of your carpets. In 166 cheap carpet cleaning services, the carpet cleaning process is carried out with the most modern equipment and quality detergents. During cleaning, there are the following stages: 1. Carpets are first cleaned of dust and dirt. 2. Carpets completely freed from dust are washed in a special machine with plenty of water, carpet washing shampoo and other special means and rinsed with plenty of water. 3. Carpets freed from dirty water through a special pressing machine are ventilated in drying rooms until they are completely dry. Please note that a barcode system is used during the delivery of your carpets. Fully dried carpets are packed and ready for service. Your carpets are delivered to your address in 3-4 days depending on the type. There is no additional charge for pickup and delivery. We provide services in Absheron Peninsula, Sumgait, Baku and Khirdalan. Also, according to your request, cleaning of carpets and rugs is carried out in your home. Contact: 166 0502612442