Carpet Washing service is only for 3 AZN! Carpets are one of the most spattered items in our home, as they are always used. It is advisable that you rely on the professionals to bring back the purity and vibrancy of your carpets as before. 166 Cleaning Service provides you with services year-round, regardless of season. You can count on the ideal cleanliness of your carpets. 166 Cleaning Service carpet washing is carried out with modern equipments and high quality detergents. During cleaning, the carpets are primarily cleaned from dust. Carpets completely free of dust are washed in a special device with abundant water, carpet wash shampoo and other special means and stacked with abundant water. Carpets freed from dirty water by means of a special compression machine are ventilated in the drying rooms until they are completely dry. Note that the barcode system is used during the pickup and delivery of your carpets. Fully dried carpets are packaged and prepared for service. Depending on type of your carpets, they are delivered to the address for 3-4 days. No additional charges are required for pickup from address and shipping to the address. We provide services in the Absheron peninsula, Sumgayit, Baku and Khirdalan. Carpets and rugs are also being cleaned at your home as you wish. Antibacterial wash Free delivery Perfume Contact: 166 Whatsapp: 0502854474 Phone: 0502854474 0502854484

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