Your cargo is in safe hands!

Moving houses and offices, loading and unloading heavy objects during the transportation of cargo makes the transportation process much more difficult. If the cargo is not picked up correctly, it leads to your health, and if there is no proper loading, it leads to damage to your belongings.

Manpower service is safe

Our Manpower service operates for proper packing and loading and unloading of your goods, ensuring maximum safety. The workforce loads the cargo in a short period of time, and unpleasant situations such as damage to your belongings do not occur. All your belongings will be in safe hands with our staff, who have been regularly trained on the current process.

Cost of labor service

This price is determined based on your order. Thus, the price of the labor force service is determined according to the time spent and the weight of the transported load. You simply provide information about the work being done, you are quoted the best price, and the workforce executes the required tasks precisely within the specified time.

Use of manpower service

You can contact us at any time using the following means of communication. During relocation of offices and houses, our workforce reaches the ordered location on time and performs the necessary work.

To order the cargo transportation service, you can call 166 or use the sections "Place an order", "Call back" and "Ask us" online.


Professional manpower service

Manpower service can help you a lot while moving your cargo from one address to another. In addition to the transportation service, you can also benefit from our manpower service at the same time. When loading and unloading used trucks and truck cabs, the workforce will do these tasks easily. You can entrust your cargo to our workforce with complete confidence. You can contact for the order and get the necessary information.