Trees and plants need to be cared for regularly to keep your garden tidy.

All our regions can easily use the gardening service of "166 Disinfection Service".

We offer the following services for you!

Caring for trees, shrubs and flowers

Lawn care

Pest control

Decoration and landscape design

Construction of irrigation systems

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Gardener Service

To keep your garden tidy, trees and plants need regular maintenance. 166 Our compatriots living in all our regions can easily take advantage of gardener services. By using a gardener service, you can get your garden to stay clean and tidy. Horticulture offers the following services for you: (1) Tree, shrub and flower care (2) Lawn care (3) Pest control (4) Decoration and landscaping (5) Installation of irrigation systems. Order: 166 Contact: (+994) 50 231 17 80