Window cleaning in high-rise buildings is both a difficult and dangerous process. The most difficult task in post-renovation cleaning is cleaning mounting tapes from windows.

With 166 Cleaning Service, daily and post-repair cleaning of your windows will now be easier.

Our professional cleaning team is always at your service for cleaning.

1 unit of standard size window cleaning - 10 azn



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Window cleaning

Window cleaning was one of the cleaning jobs that everyone could do in the past years. However, the presence of new buildings and high-rise buildings has created grounds for turning to companies offering cleaning services. We offer you world-class customer service. With the latest updated appliances, quality detergents, you can have perfectly shiny windows. All the window cleaning you entrust to us will be done safely, you will be able to see the result you want. Along with indoor window cleaning, outdoor window cleaning is relatively difficult and risky. This is the main problem of residents living in high-rise buildings. We have special offer packages for apartment owners and companies. You can always use our service. At this time, you will be able to benefit from our offers that will satisfy you. Our cleaning system sets us apart from every other company. Our customers are very satisfied with us and come back again. Because we clean their houses and every little detail, and hand them over completely neatly. Have clean windows using the window cleaning service offered at 166.az.