166 Cleaning service carries out environmental cleaning of residential buildings, shopping centers, hotels, recreation centers, schools and other buildings. Our professional cleaning team uses special equipment and tools during site cleaning. In short, our employees will make the area you live in suitable for use by carrying out the cleaning work you specify in the time interval suitable for you.

Your residential cleaning service includes:

(1) Sweeping the area;

(2) Cleaning of leaves;

(3) Garbage collection and disposal;

(4) Mowing grass;

(5) Regular watering of trees and flowers.

Washing of 1 square meter of floor with a machine - 3.5 azn



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Modern equipment

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Area Cleanliness

The first impression of the area where you live is created by its environment. Unfortunately, the uncleanliness, fallen leaves, and household waste around the area do not give a pleasant impression. If it is too late to choose your environment, it is up to us to "clean" it as you wish. Cleaning the area where you live, ensuring hygienic and epidemiological rules are very necessary for both you and your children. During the day, children who move in the yard and in the area where you live can get diseases from various bacterial substances. If you want to know about the cleanliness of the place where you live, it is very easy to contact us. 166 area cleaning service would help you closely in this work.