rfr 30 January 2023

Thanks to the technoservice service, you will be free from the additional cost of buying new household appliances. Because it is possible to repair any household item. Our professional masters offer you equipment repair at the most suitable price. Service is available both at your address and at our service.

Repair and restoration of household equipment is done very quickly. You, using our service;

  • Small household appliances
  • You can repair large household appliances.

This includes blenders, washing machines, juicers, dishwashers, coffee makers, microwave ovens and many more.

Technical service services: importance and advantages

  • Technical service services ensure proper operation and long life of devices and equipment.
  • Services include periodic maintenance to prevent breakdowns and fix smaller problems.
  • Expert technical support ensures high productivity and expected performance of the devices.
  • Cost savings can be achieved and breakdowns can be avoided by keeping devices running longer.
  • Fast and effective solutions are provided by an expert team of technical service providers, enabling devices to continue operating in a shorter period of time.
  • Quality service guarantees the safety of devices and the safety of people.


Servicing services are very important for all electronic devices and equipment used in homes and workplaces. Periodic maintenance and expert technical support are required for long-term and efficient operation of the devices. Technoservice services include cost savings, fast solutions, quality service and security.

We are sure you will be satisfied with our service.