Entrust the cleaning of carpets in your offices, hotels, gardens, schools and other public and catering facilities to a professional service - 166 Carpet Cleaning Service! Guaranteed and professional carpet cleaning in one place.


In the business world, companies are looking everywhere for opportunities to create a clean and fresh environment that meets their customers' expectations. Excellent service and workplace aesthetics are key factors in corporate recognition and recognition. Our company cooperates with corporate companies and offers them a professional carpet cleaning service.

Sensitive Cleaning Procedures and Product Selection

Proper cleaning of your carpets requires sensitive procedures to completely remove stains and wrinkles. We evaluate the various stains and dirt present in the carpets of corporate companies and select the appropriate cleaning procedures and products. The characteristics, material and color of each carpet are based on expectations.

Reclaimed Carpets, Our Company's Signature

Our carpet cleaning service helps create your company's signature by restoring the look of your workplace. We use the latest technologies and our experienced team to ensure your carpets are clean, fresh and healthy. The restored look of your carpets reinforces your corporate identity by emphasizing your company's excellence, excellence and professionalism.