A master plumber is a person who specializes in the installation and adjustment of equipment used in drinking water, sewage and sewage systems. In modern times, these people, known as master plumbers, solve many of the household problems of people. You can connect with many professional plumbers here.

You can contact the 166 Master Service, which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to eliminate plumbing problems.

Our plumbing services:

- Simsitel repair, dismantling and construction

- Repair, dismantling and construction of "ARCO" cranes

- Repair, dismantling and construction of toilets

- Repair, dismantling and construction of moykas

- Repair, dismantling and construction of showers

- Dismantling and construction of shower cabins

Note: Our 166 Master Service is available 24/7 on the Absheron Peninsula.


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Who is a Master Plumber? Duties and skills of a master plumber.

A master plumber is a person who manages various aspects of installation, repair and maintenance of plumbing systems. The work they do varies from water supply systems, heating systems, sewerage and drainage. A plumber may be needed in commercial or residential buildings, farms, parks and public spaces. Duties and skills of a plumber: 1. Implementation of drawings and technical conditions to determine the scheme of water supply, waste and ventilation systems; 2. Detection of malfunctions in sanitary equipment and systems and correct diagnosis of their causes; 3. Installation, repair and maintenance of household, commercial, industrial plumbing installations and systems; 4. Determining and marking places for pipeline connections, holes and devices on walls and floors; 5. Measuring, cutting, bending and threading of pipes using hand, power tools or special machines; 5. Joining pipes and fittings using compression, threaded, crimp or push fittings using soldering methods; 6. Testing pipes for leaks using air or water pressure gauges; 7. Attention to legal regulations and safety issues in all research, as well as adherence to standards and building codes. Every plumber working at "166 Craftsman Service" performs the above-mentioned tasks professionally and has the ability to solve any problem immediately.