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There are several types of disinfection. There are different 3 main types of infection whether they can be disinfected or not. They are:


-        Prophylactic

-        Current

-        Final


Generally disinfection is a complex of measures in order to eliminate infectious disease initiators and toxins on the surfaces.


This type of disinfectant is used for protection purposes. The goal is to destroy the infection initiators inside of facility or area during the threat.

Prophylactic is mainly carried out in areas where people get together or visit. These areas:

Kindergartens, schools, universities, shopping facilities, recreation and entertainment zones, warehouses, sports and health facilities, public transport, etc.


This type is the disinfection of places where bacteria infectious patients are present. It is mainly done in medical institutions with the help of proper disinfectants within a specific schedule.


This type is a complex measure aimed at the destruction of the source of the infection.

There are a number of disinfectants: Mechanical, physical, chemical, biological, combined.


166 disinfection service fundamentally performs preventative disinfection using chemical methods. You can order preventative disinfection by calling 166.

166 Disinfection Service disinfects the following facilities.




       Shopping centers


       Industrial enterprises

       Training centers

       Facilities and Territories


       and so on.


Note: Disinfection is under the supervision of a doctor.

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